Security Screening Systems

Ruselectronics is the developer and manufacturer of Russia’s first security screening systems which allow vehicle check without opening shipping containers.

An integrated linear electron accelerator allows our security screening systems to detect undeclared goods or illegal contents from a distance, even through steel up to 320 mm (12.6 in) thick, and remotely assess the weight of an entire consignment or parts thereof with an accuracy of more than 90%.

The System’s high penetrating power and contrast sensitivity allow the operator to see a clear image on the screen when inspecting cargo. The System software is able to recognize four material groups — the organic, the inorganic, heavy metals and light metals.

Security Screening Systems Modifications by Ruselectronics:

  • Mobile Vehicle On-Board Screening Security System based on a KAMAZ truck

  • Stationary Railway Screening Security System

  • Stationary Vehicle Screening Security System

  • Portal Screening Security System

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