About us

The Ruselectronics holding is a national electronics vendor and unites the largest concerns of the country's radio-electronic industry. The head structure is United Instrument-Making Corporation JSC.

Our mission

We ensure the technological independence of Russia and create advanced technologies to improve the quality of life for people.

History of the company

Company formation

1997 1997
Ruselectronics was founded by the Decree of the President of Russia No. 764 of 23 July 1997 and the Decree of the Government of Russia No. 1583 of 18 December 1997.

Transfer of 100% of shares of JSC Russian Electronics to Rostec State Corporation

2009 2009
In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 21, 2008 No. 873 "On measures to implement the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 10, 2008 No. 1052", the process of transferring 100% of shares of JSC Russian Electronics to Rostec State Corporation begins. The process ended in 2009, when Ruselectronics became fully incorporated into the corporation.

Consolidation of holdings

2017 2017
The merger of the Ruselectronics holding and the United Instrument-Making Corporation (OPK), which included Control Systems JSC, as well as the Vega and Sozvezdie concerns.

Creation of a single vendor

2021 2021
The process of merging radio-electronic assets of Rostec under a single management was completed. The new holding includes the Avtomatika Concern and the National Center for Informatization - the integrator of complex IT solutions of Rostec

Holding today

Company goals

  • From hardware to intelligence - the transition from the development of individual devices and components to the creation and implementation of complex systems and solutions
  • Increasing the share of civilian products in revenue to 60% by 2025
  • Increasing the value of a holding company (Enterprise Value, EV)
  • Increasing competitiveness and achieving leading positions in certain segments of high-tech markets

Innovative development

The holding unites more than 140 industrial organizations and scientific institutes. The enterprises are grouped into five product divisions. Integrators in key areas have also been created.

  • 01 01
    Intelligence and information systems
    Vega Radio Engineering Corporation JSC
    Development and production of airborne surveillance systems, radar surveillance systems, airborne and ground-based radars, unmanned aerial vehicle systems, medical equipment, radio frequency identification (RFID) systems and intelligent video surveillance equipment.
  • 02 02
    Design and Production of Communications Equipment Division
    Sozvezdie Concern JSC
    Development and production of radio communication systems and equipment, electronic warfare systems, high-tech intelligent command and control systems, software, security systems, 4G and 5G equipment.
  • 03 03
    Electronic Components Base and Microwave Electronics Division
    Ruselectronics JSC
    Development and serial production of microwave electronics and electronic component base, microelectronic production, including integrated circuits and semiconductor devices of special electronics, production of information display devices.
  • 04 04
    Automated Management Systems Division
    Development of automated management systems, including mobile systems, integrated systems for the comprehensive protection of information in automated management systems, secure computing equipment, as well as development and production of command-and-control machines and airborne communication systems for aerial vehicles.
  • 05 05
    Information Protection Division
    Avtomatika Concern JSC
    Development and production of systems designed to ensure information protection, automated management systems and hardware and software systems, as well as development of technologies and methods of cryptographic protection.
  • 06 06
    Comprehensive IT Solutions Integrator
    National Center of Informatization
    Integration of comprehensive high-tech solutions for the digital economy, development of ecosystem projects and integrated IT products for different sectors of the economy.
  • 07 07
    Energy integrator
    RE-technologies Ltd
    Integration of energy solutions aimed at the digitization of the national power grid system.

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