Countering Corruption

The Rostec State Corporation hotline is open for the timely detection and prevention of fraud, embezzlement and corruption.

+7 (800)700 84 19

+7 (495)287 25 87


It enables employees of the Corporation and its organizations, as well as third parties,

to promptly report signs and facts of fraud, embezzlement and corruption.

 Instructions for using the hotline:

  1. Specify the corporate organization in which the violation occurred (if possible, indicate the function/division of the organization/area of its activity).

  2. Describe the violation and state the facts known to you.

  3. Specify an estimate of the possible damage and other additional information. Provide your name and contact information (optional)

List of cases handled by the hotline:

  • fraud

  • theft or misuse of property and assets

  • receiving bribes and “kickbacks”

  • conflicts of interest between the Corporation's employees/organizations and counterparties

  • misrepresentation of accounting (financial) and managerial records

  • illegal financial transactions

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