Radar Systems

Ruselectronics’ radar systems ensure a high level of flight safety regardless of weather conditions. The equipment permits to effectively detect aircraft and obtain from them the data needed to follow aircraft. The equipment can be installed both at large airports and at airfields of small and regional aviation.

The enterprises of the Holding manufacture a broad spectrum of radar equipment:

The Miass Air Traffic Control Radar

Digital radar with phased antenna array is designed for air traffic control on airfields of small and regional aviation. The key feature of the system is the direct information exchange mode with a particular aircraft, which reduces the error probability in data transmission.

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AORL-1АС Airport Surveillance Radar

The radar is successfully operated at 40 airports in Russia and abroad. It is equipped with a unique parabolic antenna which provides high resolution of the transmitted image and increased accuracy in determining the coordinates of the aircraft. The distinctive feature of the product is the possibility of simultaneous two-channel operation. The first channel permits to determine the location of the aircraft, the second channel permits to transmit additional information about the aircraft: its tail number, flight altitude, fuel balance. Due to the use of two separate channels the radar is more reliable in operation.

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AORL-1AM Airport Surveillance Radar

This radar is an advanced version of the AORL-1AC radar with reduced power output. AORL-1AM radar has a modified power supply unit which allows the radar to operate in conditions of power outage. The radar is also equipped with an improved Operations Control System. The concept of "soft failure" is implemented in the device: failure of a single module does not lead to a radar shutdown. The locator does not require the constant presence of service personnel due to the possibility of remote diagnostics of failures.

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