Ophthalmic equipment

According to statistics, almost 50% of people on the planet have vision problems. Our equipment allows you to correct myopia and hyperopia, as well as cures astigmatism and glaucoma - the disease that leads to the largest number of cases of fatal blindness.

Laser ophthalmic surgery station OLIMP, produced in cooperation with the Yaroslavl "Interregional Clinic", is a unique system for performing complex refractive operations using a solid-state pulsed nanosecond laser.

Key features:
  • Ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 213 nm, which is completely absorbed by the cornea, without penetrating into the inner parts of the eye. Clinical trials have confirmed minimal damaging effects, as well as the absence of carcinogenic and mutagenic effects on tissues.
  • Built-in monitoring functions allow you to record all the parameters of the equipment and the actions of the operating team.
  • A special video system generates a high-quality image of the operating field, which allows the surgeon to perform operations “on the monitor”. 
  • Unlike common excimer laser systems, the OLIMP station does not use an aggressive gas environment, which makes the surgeon's work in the operating room safe, and also significantly increases the operating resource of the installation. The only consumable item is distilled water in the cooling system.
  • The compact size and modular design of the case provide the station's mobility for on-site operations. Equipment installation takes no more than 2 hours.
The technological capabilities of our ophthalmological station make it possible to significantly expand the availability and geography of complex refractive surgeries, which is especially important given the territorial characteristics of our country. 
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