The Council for Professional Qualifications

The Council for Professional Qualifications in Industrial Electronics and Instrument-Engineering was established by a decision of the National Council for Professional Qualifications under the President of the Russian Federation.

The Council shall perform the following functions:
  • Monitoring of the labor market
  • Development and updating of professional standards and qualification requirements
  • Carrying out expert review of federal state educational standards of professional education, basic professional educational programs and their projects, evaluation of their compliance with professional standards, preparation of proposals to improve these standards of professional education and educational programs
  • Organization of the independent qualification evaluation of employees or persons applying to perform a certain type of professional activity

 Types of professional activity referred to the Council’s competence:
  • 40.030 Adjuster of electronic equipment and devices (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of August 4, 2014 No. 531n)
  • 40.058 Engineering technologist for the production of microelectronic products (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of October 31, 2014 No. 859n)
  • 06.005 Specialist in the operation of electronic equipment (electronic engineer) (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of July 31, 2019 No. 540n)
  • 29.004 Specialist in the design and support of production of optoelectronics, optical and optoelectronic devices and systems (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of December 24, 2015 No. 1141n)
  • 29.003 Specialist in the design of children's and educational robotics ((Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of January 14, 2016 No. 3n)
  • 29.010 Assembler of electronic systems (specialist in electronic devices and devices) (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of February 1, 2017 No. 122n)
  • 26.014 Specialist in the development, support and integration of technological processes and productions in the field of biotechnical systems and technologies (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of December 26, 2015 No. 1157n)
  •  29.009 Optical mechanic (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of February 9, 2017 No. 156n)
  • 40.201 Controller of electronic equipment and devices (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of July 3, 2019 No. 479n)
  • 40.196 Microcircuit assembler (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia pf May 29, 2019 No. 368n)
  • 40.009 Locksmith-assembler of electronic equipment and devices (Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of July 2, 2019 No. 466n)
Board of Directors


Sergey S. Sakhnenko Director General of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation JSC (Ruselectronics JSC), Member of the Bureau of the Association “League of Assistance to Defense Enterprises”

Deputy Chairpermen

Vasily V. Shpak Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Sergey V. Valuyev Deputy Director General for Strategic Development and External Communications of Ruselectronics JSC
Stanislava N. Romanovskaya Head of Special Projects Department of Machinery Manufacturers Union of Russia, Deputy Chairperson of Professional Qualifications Board in Mechanical Engineering.

Board Members

Sergey V. Bachevsky Rector of the Federal State Budget-Financed Educational Institution of Higher Education the Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, PhD in Engineering, Professor
Andrey G. Vasiliev Director of The Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications Systems, MIREA — Russian Technological University, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Professor
Vladimir S. Verba Constructor General and First Deputy Director General of Vega Radio Engineering Corporation JSC, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD in Engineering, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation
Ivan V. Gybin Chairman of the Russian Professional Union of Radioelectronic Industry Workers
Vyacheslav M. Isaev Director for Technological Development and Standardisation at Ruselectronics JSC, Assistant to the First Deputy Director General at «RPC "Istok" named after Shokin» JSC
Valery A. Kaliy Chief Developer of Ufa Aggregate Production Association JSC
Artem A. Kovalev Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology and Automatic Control Systems, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, PhD in Engineering
Olga F. Malashkina Deputy Director General for HR, Legal, Corporate and Organisational Affairs at The Shvabe Holding
Ivan A. Pavlyuk Director of the State Vocational Education Institution of Moscow, College of Communications No. 54 named after P.M. Vostrukhin, Chairman of the Federal Educational Establishment in the system of secondary vocational education in the field of electronics, radio engineering and communication systems
Sergey Y. Pankov Deputy Director General for Scientific and Technical Development of Ruselectronics JSC
Arkady N. Ratner Director General of Technology United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC
Ruslan M. Tarasichev Director for Personnel Management of Avtomatika Concern JSC
Marat A. Timirov Director General of Bashkir Production Association «PROGRESS» JSC
Dmitriy S. Trofimov Director General of Torii Research and Production Enterprise JSC
Sergey G. Chernikov Deputy Director General of «NIIAA of the academician V.S. Semenikhin of Federal State Unitary Enterprise» JSC («NIIAA» JSC
Victor N. Sheludko Rector of St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University «LETI», PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor
Alexander A. Shekhonin Chairman of the Federal University of Higher Education in the field of Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical and Biotechnical Systems and Technologies, PhD in Engineering, Professor  

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